Civilian Crime Stoppers

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of well documented cases, in which armed civilians managed to prevent or stop criminals or terrorists from perpetrating a crime.

As police generally need at least minutes to arrive at a crime scene – after they are alerted that is, which can generally only occur after one has survived the initial attack – allowing reliable, trained and law-abiding citizens to carry firearms for self defence would enable them to be their own first line of defence.

Criminals and terrorists do not care for gun laws and as such will always have an advantage over unarmed, law-abiding citizens, that could easily lead to injury or death for their victims.

In most situations, the mere threat of a firearm is already enough to dissuade an attacker from carrying on with his attack and scare him off – thus preventing violence or even death.

Criminal runs over pedestrian and attacks him with knife (graphic content!)

This video from Israel shows a Palestinian attacker first running over a pedestrian with his vehicle and then continuing to assault him with a knife.

The attack only ends when an armed civilian arrives on the scene and uses his handgun to neutralise the attacker.

Defensive Gun Uses on Reddit:

Why you don’t need to freak out over permitless carry

“Enter: Alaska, Arizona, and Wyoming. Each state enacted permitless carry in 2003, 2010, and 2011, respectively. And according to data from the FBI’s “Crime in the United States” report, it’s clear that none of the aforementioned states experienced an increase in the number of murders — including handgun murders — after enacting permitless carry.” (June 2017) Source:

Armed good Samaritan runs off terrified robber

A concealed carrier in Memphis, TN came to the aid of a robbery victim who had already been beaten to the ground by the suspect. The armed good Samaritan drew his handgun on the robber who immediately stopped his attack and fled in a vehicle. Nothing was stolen from the victim. (April 2017) Source:

Nashville man saves customers‘ and employees‘ lives during sneaker store robbery

An unidentified Nashville, TN man successfully defended himself and others during a sneaker store robbery. He managed to hit and scare off all three armed robbers with his handgun after they stormed into the store without warning and opened fire. (April 2017) Source:

12 cases in which armed civilians stopped mass shootings (October 2015)

This Washington Post article cites 12 cases in which armed civilians (not police officers) either stopped or prevented mass shootings with their own concealed carry firearm. Source: