Statement by Bataclan survivor Joe Bauers

My name is Joe, I’m 34 years old, I live in France. For a long time I never really concerend myself with questions about firearms legislation.

This situation changed, however, on this infamous night of November 13, 2015 when I found myself under heavy fire from terrorists. Present that night at the Bataclan, I saw many people die by bullets without any possibility of response.

Mixed reactions erupted around the world, I remember, for instance, that Donald Trump castigated the French law, on grounds that only the attackers were armed. If I or other citizens had been armed this night, I don’t know if we could have acted efficiently, but given the number of deaths, I think that the situation could at least not have been worse.

In my opinion, the new threat created by Islamist terrorism should provoke reflection about detention and the carrying of weapons in France, as well as in Europe. In France, the subject is unfortunately taboo, however it seems necessary to consider the bearing of weapons, if only for law enforcement as a first step.

Starting this debate would already in itself be a step forward. For my part, I already took a few introductory sessions and have plans to start sport shooting by next year, in accordance with French law.

– Joe Bauers October 15, 2017