Statement by ex-military

My name is Jon Price, an Ex Military Soldier of Her Royal Majesty’s Armed Services of Great Britain. Today we are no longer allowed to carry personal protection of any kind including firearms, mainly as a punishment against illegal criminal users and the failure of government offices to award licences correctly, such as the case of Hungerford and Dunblane where an known mentally unstable individual was awarded a firearms licence, then proceeded to attack a school. In all of these cases including recent terrorist acts in the UK, if we’d had the right to carry sidearms like in other European countries, members of the public might have been able to prevent the death toll from becoming too high by acting in self defence.

I do believe that, with the correct training and licensing, especially those trained in firearms use (ex Police & Military) should have the right to have pistols in the UK.

– Jon Price an Ex Military Soldier of Her Royal Majesties Armed Services of Great Britain